Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Winter Blues? Try Winter Greys instead! - Essie Chinchilly

Welcome back my dear fiends!

For today, I got a little something to fight the winter blues. I am already sick of all the snow and dark weather. So, to fight the blues, why not try a little sophisticated grey? So I picked Essie Chinchilly for you today.
Just like Angora Cardi, which came out in the same Collection, the formula is fantastic and really easy to apply. 2 Coats and you got a wonderful, shiny creme opaque look.

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I know there are quite some taupy grey polishes out there, since it seemed to be sort of an "it" color this year. Somehow, this is my favorite one, don't know why :-)

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This pic I took with Flash to show you guys how the grey/taupe hues have a quite cool undertone, so it's perfect for summer/winter types!

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Simple and's not a "hey look at me!" hue, this polish gets noticed because of it's cool chic.

To turn this beauty even more sophisticated, I did a Konadicure with Konad m70 and Sephora by OPI "Queen of Everything" the outcome was a somewhat Louis Vuitton inspired glam chic

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That's it for today gals, see you back soon!

2 Kommentare:

gildedangel hat gesagt…

Beautiful color and Konad!

graphology hat gesagt…

I really like the stamping on the last picture, gorgeous colours :)