Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

High Hopes anyone? - Zoya Hope

Welcome back my fiends!

Good to see you back! In my last post I actually showed you a picture of Zoya Roxy layered over Zoya Hope, that's when I realized that Hope is sooooo pretty, it does well deserve a post on its own, right? So all you purple polish lovers out there, keep on reading or regret it hehehe...
I am not going to talk much about the formula, since it is straight on great, like all the other Zoyas. The color does cover though very well, meaning you can achieve a quite good caverage with just one coat, but to make it more "boom" definitely add another :-)

So I will be gone until Sunday now, so when I get back I will be wrapping up my Giveaway, yikes, I am already excited myself who the oscar eh I mean who the Goodies will go to. We'll see

But now enjoy!

Zoya Hope

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Lovely purple with hot pink undertones, this is soooooo darn perfect in my book! It's quite interesting though, at first the polish comes out sort of like a creme, but once you add TopCoat whoohoo there we have shimmer! Surprise!

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with Flash

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...and yet another pic of Zoya Hope with Zoya Roxy as Topcoat, because that's just the way I am :-)

Bilder hochladen

So that's it for now, my dear fiends, I am off to Dubai, hope you all have a fantastic and polish filled weekend!

6 Kommentare:

Trincess hat gesagt…

Ich liebe den Schnitt deiner Nagelkante, steht dir super toll! <3 Nicht bei jedem sieht oval so gut aus wie bei dir!

laquermanic hat gesagt…

So nice to discover new nail blogs!
Love thie Zoya with glitter.
Have a nice trip to Dubai, heard there are fantastic nail shops and salons there ... :)

gildedangel hat gesagt…

That is a beautiful color!

Romika hat gesagt…

Das ist eine sehr schöne Farbe! Ich liebe das Violette. Ich habe heute schon mehrere mahle die Farbe Violette gesehen im andere blogs.

Thess hat gesagt…

Oh! That last picture!
Love in a bottle... <3

Charis hat gesagt…

Danke für den lieben Kommentar, ich bin schon ganz rot!
Thanks for the dear comments guys, you are awesome!
very true, that is love in a bottle!