Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Still not enough Glitter??? - G.I.A. Rainbow Sticks

Welcome my lovely fiends!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
It's getting more and more sunny here and I think I might just smell a bit of spring, which I am longing for desperately, I've sooooooo had it with the snow *ack*
Today I got another Glitter polish for you. I hope I am not overdosing you with my glitter stuff, hehehe :-)
The Glitter I used today I from G.I.A. which again seems to not have a name, or maybe I am just too stupid to make it out on the bottle, who knows. The Glitter consists of a clear base with a ton of rainbow colored glittery sticks. I used OPI Sahara Sapphire as a base, to show off the glitter a bit more, though I left the Pinkie blank, so you guys can get an idea what the glitter looks like "naked"

Oh, another thing:
My Giveaway ends tonight, so you can go ahead and get signed up for it until midnight, tomorrow I will announce the happy winner!

G.I.A. Rainbow Sticks Glitter

Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen
Picture with flash

Bilder hochladen

I just love the effects you get with this polish, since the little glitter sticks are definitiely unusual, they do brake the light in a different way than simple glitter chunks

Here is a big pic to show you exactly what I mean:

Bilder hochladen

Doesn't this look like bursting fireworks? Like a rainbow glitter rain? I just loooove the effects of this, I will definitely play more with this polish, hehehe

So that's it for today, have a lovely Sunday and are you as excited as I am when the Giveawy winner will be announced tomorrow? See you then!