Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

My new Love Affair - MAC Rocker

Good day my dear fiends!

Yes, I have a new love affair...I just can't take my eyes off it! :-)
Yesterday for hubbys birthday dinner I decided I needed something special and since red is his favorite polish color, it needed to be something in red of course. Nothing with glitter or effects, just something really nice and classic. Lucky me, a few days before a very dear friend of mine, TheSource, showed me this stunning color saying "Hurry up with this one hun, MAC is discontinuing it" Boy, don't tell me this is going out of stock before I can get it! "Nope, I got two, so if you like, you can have one" OMG, you are such a saint!
So here I am with my first MAC nail polish. The weird thing is, I am seriously addicted to MAC stuff, yes I hear you my poor wallet, but for some odd reason I never paid any attention to their polishes. Darn, how stupid I was! The formula is really nice, it is a bit runnier than for example OPI's formula, but it applies really nice and evenly, the brush is okay in my book as well. But now on to the color! Prepare the stage for my new love affair!

MAC Rocker

Bilder hochladen

Two hassle free coats will deliver this gorgeous result

Bilder hochladen

So this is a beautiful, rich red with a hint of shimmer. It is not a classic blood red, it leans more towards a dark raspberry red

Bilder hochladen

I just can't take my eyes off this beauty!

Bilder hochladen

So what is your love affair when it comes to classic red polish? I am excited to hear you guys answers! Hope to see you back soon!

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gildedangel hat gesagt…

That is a beautiful color! My favorite creme red in my collection is Essie Forever Young, I love it!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've only recently discovered reds. Right now I'm in love with American Apparel downtown LA. It's such a nice color. Other reds that I love are China Glaze ruby pumps and pop beauty Xmas - nice glittery reds :)

Charis hat gesagt…

Thanks for the recommendations ladies! I will definitely check those colors out ;-)

Charis hat gesagt…
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