Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

Glitterati Nails - G.I.A. rose Glitter Polish

Welcome back, my dear fiends!

What a week...
I recieved a work schedule change on saturday and was actually out of town till today. Boy, I am being quite a busy bee these days. But alas, I need some time to relax now, so here I go, rumaging for a nice polish to wear today...
You won't believe it, but today is actually sunny here in good ol' Munich. I haven't seen the sun here for months, I seriously swear! So, what polish could be more perfect than a Holo or Glitter?
I picked a glitter one for you gals, since I wasn't at home on Valentines Day and I have to catch up with the romantic mood. LOL :-)

So here we go, G.I.A. dusty rose Glitter polish

Bilder hochladen

Darn, I have no idea where I picked up this little gem...there is no sticker on the bottom, so I don't have a clue if this polish has even a name. Nevertheless, I just looooove this dark, dusty rose base, there are a ton of glitters out there that are either purple or bright pink, not many in betweeners...

Bilder hochladen

Indoor light...The base is sort of jelly-ish, not completely but sort of (I know, I sound kinda confused now, huh?), still it took me only two coats to get this beauty opaque. I am totally bewitched about the chunks of glitter in this...ranging from small, tiny light purple flecks to big reflecting bits. Love it.

Bilder hochladen

Flash Picture...The different size of the Glitter gives the polish a silvery sheen to it, I like that. Too bad I can't remeber where I picked it up though, but I don't think it was a drugstore...I need to rake my brain for that

Bilder hochladen

One last pic of the beauty...... *sigh*
Glitter and sunlight are just way too perfect together...
I think I'll take a little walk outside, staring at my nails and laughing about people's funny stares :-)

See you back soon, my dear fiends and don't forget, the deadline for my Givewawy is this Sunday!