Freitag, 29. Januar 2010

Some more vampyness - Milani Garnet Gem

Good to see you again my fellow fiends!

I am still fighting the snow here, but nevertheless I am busy swatching up a storm, so for the weekend I will present my pretty in pink Valentine's swatches, 13 different shades in total :-)

For today I have something more vamy, a polish I actually wanted to swatch along with Sinful Colors Merlot and some others, but come to think of it, this polish is so incredibly beautiful, it deserves a pic post of its own, so here goes, Milani Garnet Gem:

Bilder hochladen

Love it. The formula is fine, the first coat looked a bit streaky, but after the second it became all smoth and opaque, the red glitter is pretty densely packed in the black base

Bilder hochladen

The red glitter actually gives off a pretty subtle effect, I tried to capure it on the pic using the flash, but it didn#t really work, darn...

Bilder hochladen

An absolute beauty, reminds me a lot of OPI's Midnight in Moscow, but this polish has way more and brighter red Glitter in it

Bilder hochladen

One close up to get you guys drooling :-)

So hope to see you guys all back for the weekend, read you soon!

6 Kommentare:

graphology hat gesagt…

I love the red Glitter in the Black/brown polish.

gildedangel hat gesagt…

That is beautiful!

Michèle hat gesagt…

I absolutely adore this color on you, it's divine!

Charis hat gesagt…

Thanks girls for the sweet comments!

AC hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! Is this similar to China Glaze's Lubu Heels?

Charis hat gesagt…

unfortunately I don't own Lubu Heels, but judging from the pics on the internet, I would say they are very similar :-)