Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010

NOTW, Duochromatic Madness

Hello my dear fiends!

Wow, I was absolutely stunned when I saw that I have already over 30 readers! You guys are awesome! It inspires me even more to go on with the blog and keep posting as much as I can. I was thinking of maybe doing a small Giveaway when I reach 50 subscribers. I will have to go through my drawers to find some pretty things =)
But on with the polish! LOL

Today I picked a very special Polish for my NOTW. It's Sally Hansens's HD Opulent Cloud. This polish was part of the 2009 fall collection and was exclusively designed for the Tracy Reese runway show.
The formula of this polish is fine, I had no issues with it being too runny or too thick, it wasn't streaky either. Perfectly normal would describe it best. I needed two coats for it to be opaque, which is absolutely normal as well.
Well, that was about it with the "normalness" of this polish, the color is just beyond awesome and my pics do not do it justice, since I had no sunlight while taking them. The Base color is a dark grey, changing into silver. How lovely is that? But not enough, depending on the light, the grey changes to a dusty lavender color, while the silver can go all the way into a dusty GOLD. How amazing is that! I don't own a single polish that reflects both, silver and gold.
I also have to say that my skinton doesn't go at all with anything gold/warm colored. This polish is the big exception. Love it!

Bilder hochladen
I was able to catch the lavender part of the polish on this pic

Bilder hochladen
And here is the dark grey/silver

Bilder hochladen
Right by my Index/Middlefinger you can catch a glimpse of the dusty gold

Bilder hochladen
I can't wait to show you guys this beauty in sunlight. Where is springtime when you need it???