Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Hong Kong Loot Part 2

Here we go again my fellow fiends!

Not much talking, let's get straight to where we left off yesterday, shall we? :-)

So I am moving on to the 2 Creative polishes, they seem to be from the old style collection, meaning, they contain all those bad big 3 meanies, too bad *yikes*

Bilder hochladen

Creative #310 Flannels, a beautiful bright magenta with pink shimmer, it just screams "hey look at me!" it took only 2 coats to be completely opaque

Bilder hochladen

The only downside with this polish was the smell, it is really chemical...good enough reason for Creative to reformulate their polishes to Big-3 Free now

Bilder hochladen

Still, I don't own many polishes that are as bold as this one, I guess I will be hunting for a dupe in Creatives new polishes hehehe...

So next up is Creative #411 Turquoise Tint

Bilder hochladen

Dear Lord, I had to slather on 4 coats of this little sucker for it to be seen...it reminds me so much of the swatches i have seen from the new Creative Effects polishes. Unfortunately, I can't really do a comparison since I don't own any (going back to the wish list)

Bilder hochladen

Worn just by istself, Turquoise Tint gives you a nice opalescent shimmer

Bilder hochladen

Darn, this polish was meant for layering! Check it out over China Glazes "For Audrey"! Finally this is the color the bottle promises, but only bolder!

Bilder hochladen

Some more layering, this time I tried it over Essie's "Aruba Blue" Don't you just love the opalescent effect?

Bilder hochladen

On we go with the layering fun!

Next, I present Essie's "Aruba Blue"

Bilder hochladen

Isn't this just a divine blue metallic/shimmer? Perfectly opaque in two coats and the formula is smooth and just perfect!

Bilder hochladen

I keep trying to think of a similar blue...Misa "a sin worth committing"maybe?

Bilder hochladen

Anyhoo, this baby is too beautiful to go sleep in my polish stash until summer...I will think of something nice to layer this beauty with lol

Phew, so much for today, stay tuned for the final part tomorrow and hold your breath for some Holo-Goodness!!!

Read you tomorrow!

4 Kommentare:

gildedangel hat gesagt…

Those are lovely!

Michèle hat gesagt…

Love those layering experiments!! Can't wait for tomorrow's holo stuff! :-D

graphology hat gesagt…

Nice colours, i really like the deep blue.

rijaH hat gesagt…

I have turquoise tint and it was actually one of my first that I bought and although the color is really nice.. it just needs to many layers for good enough coverage :(