Montag, 18. Januar 2010

It's Dupe Time Again!

Hello my fellow fiends!

Just a quick Monday morning post :-)
I am flying out to HongKong tonight and won't be back till Sunday. I am kinda excited, as I might just have enough time to do some shopping...gosh I am pretty predictable huh?
Anyway, for today I picked something really pretty for you, P2 "Gorgeous" and the polish is definitely true to it's name. It's a rich dark purple with silver shimmer effects. The formula is perfect, nice rich and thick, it even manages to be opaque with just one coat. The finish reminded me A LOT of the OPI Suedes when you put TopCoat on them, so I went searching through my polish stash and found OPI INK Suede. Wow, I thought OPI INK might be more on the bluish side, but in my book, this is a pretty darn close match.

Bilder hochladen
P2 "Gorgeous", on the Pinky I applied OPI Ink Suede with Topcoat
Bilder hochladen
Same with Flash
Bilder hochladen
I personally can't make out a big difference. The HUGE advantage of the P2 polish is it's durability. The Suedes were really prone to chipping and looked worn after just 1 day. The P2 polish stays on like glue, I had this Mani on for 4 days and not the slightest sign of chipping. Way to go!
Bilder hochladen
Here's a comparison of the two bottles. The bottles do look really different, the OPI one is really blue tinged compared to the P2. I was really surprised when I applied the polishes, funny how the color developed. Again, this is a case were just can't judge a color by it's bottle *winkwink*
So that's it for now my dear fiends, I will miss you this week but I do have to return next week with some new loot. Take Care!

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gildedangel hat gesagt…

Wow, those are close!

graphology hat gesagt…

They look gorgeous and really similar.