Montag, 21. Juni 2010

Woohoo I am back - Getting back on bloggin track with OPI's Jade is the new black

Hello my fiends, I am finally back on track...

So it has been quite a while since my last post. I have been dealing with some major changes in my life and figuring out how to fit another Helmer in my bedroom was not one of them :-)
Now things have gotten a whee bit calmer and I would love to get back to bloggin' and painting my nails. I can't promise that I will be posting on a regular basis now, but I swear I will try to do so at least once a week. Baby steps to start off again so to speak *winkwink*

So here I have a beauty I intended to post about ages ago, I am sure you have seen about a trillion swatches of it by now, but nevertheless here are mine, hehe

I am refering to OPI's Hong Kong Collection (which is still readily available I think). I picked out 2 colors, Meet me on Star Ferry (a beautiful dusty mauve color with golden micro sparkles) and Jade is the new black (muted jade with cool/blue undertone)

So, if there still are any of you out there reading this, here we go, my swatches of Jade is the new black, pictures please!

OPI Jade is the new black
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

artificial light with flash
Bilder hochladen

natural light, indoors
Bilder hochladen

artificial light, inddors
Bilder hochladen

I can't rave enough about this color. I am sure you have read plenty of reviews about Jade is the new black already, but what does it make really stand out is the fact, that there is no polish out there, that is even close in color, so this is definitely unique. I can't wait for fall, as I think this beautiful green jade jewel will be worn plenty of times then!

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Polish Hoarder hat gesagt…

I love this color too! I even bought a back-up bottle :) You're right, it will be perfect for Fall!