Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

Another gem from OPI's HongKong Collection - OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry

Hello my dears!

I know I am seriously backlogged with my swatching activities, but I was thinking, if I am swatching my newest polishes now, the backlog will be even worse. So I am catching up bit by bit and hey, there is nothing wrong with some "retro" polishes, right?
So today I am staying within OPI's HongKong Collection, presenting you the second polish I got. To be honest, I knew this polish would be too warm for my skintone, but I really had to have it just because of the name. Gosh I am weird sometimes *crazy*
So, Meet me on the Star Ferry is a dusty mauve shimmer packed with tons of gold micro glitter. It really doesn't look like that much just judging by the bottle, but once it's on the nails and the sunlight hits it, wow, love!!! So, for anybody who can wear warmer colors I seriously recommend this! The Formula was no fuss, first coat a bit streaky but it evened out nicely after the second.
Anything else?
Yup, pictures! :-)

OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry
Bilder hochladen

artificial light, flash
Bilder hochladen

indoors, artificial light
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

So, for tomorrow I prepared something wham! bam! in your face!
All I say is: It's neon time!
So take care and have a wonderful day!

3 Kommentare:

Rebecca hat gesagt…

This looks really different in your pics to other swatches I've seen. I prefer yours though, it looks more demure.

Jillian hat gesagt…

I like this color because of the silver glittery effect. It's very almost mauve like and tame^^

Charis hat gesagt…

Thanks ladies for your comments =)
My skin does not like mauve-ish colors at all, but I simply couldn't pass on this beauty!