Dienstag, 13. April 2010

My love for romantic Holo's - Nubar Prism Collection

Hello hello my dear fiends!

I survived yesterday's attack of monster dorkyness and I am back to my old self again, yay! I was also able to catch a glimpse of sun today, so I am finally able to show you two polishes that I have been saving for a while. Lucky you!
When I first heard about Nubar bringing out a "Holo" Collection I was like, jumping for joy, Holos and from Nubar? That's two things I LOVE :-) So of course, I was super excited when I saw the first swatches of the Collection. Hmmmmm, to be honest, I was pretty cooled down then. The Nubar Prisms are nothing like China Glaze OMG Collection and that's what I wanted them to be, so of course I was a bit bummed. Nevertheless, I couldn't keep my fingers off the ordering button and still got two polishes from the Collection, Absolute and Treasure. What should I say? I was delighted :-) Yup, they are no OMG Holo's, but they are just something else. I would say they are more in between a sparkle and a soft Holo, more like the China Glaze's Kaleidoscope Collection. So to sum it up, I would say the Nubar Prisms are romantic sheer shimmers with a soft Holo.

But now on to the evidence ;-)

Nubar Absolute
Bilder hochladen

This more a turquoise than a blue, makes me think of carribean waters, pretty!

Bilder hochladen

on this bottle pic you can see how fine the glitter/holo sparkles are

Bilder hochladen

I needed three coats, the base is pretty sheer, I am usually not a big fan of sheer, but in this case it totally fits, as the whole effect of this polish is very light and airy

Bilder hochladen

blurred pic, to show the holo effect a bit

Bilder hochladen

I think I will put this on my summer polish drawer, what do you think?

Close up pic:
Bilder hochladen

Nubar Treasure
Bilder hochladen

Pretty light purple color, not extremely unique colorwise, but me likes purples :-)

Bilder hochladen

Again, on this bottle pic it really shows how finely grained the holo/shimmer is

Bilder hochladen

Another three coats, but I guess if you would add the fine holo grains to a thicker, more opaque base you would totally lose the effect

Bilder hochladen

another blurred pic for the Holo hehehe :-)

Bilder hochladen

I sooooooo wish that the sun would have come out a few weeks sooner, this is such a pretty spring color!

Close Up!
Bilder hochladen

So far for today gals...I am off feeling pretty and romantic now ;-)

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Lilly hat gesagt…

your nails are in perfect shape and these polishes are amazing <3

Charis hat gesagt…

Thanks for your feedback! Especially coming from an artist like you Lilly :-)

amusedPolish hat gesagt…

I love them- they look great on your nails :)

I awarded you :)


Biba hat gesagt…

Hope you don't mind, but I gave you this award too :)