Freitag, 23. April 2010

Getting all shiny for the weekend - Orly Foil FX Shine

Hello my dear readers!

Things are finally sort of back on track, being stuck and not be able to travel back left things here back home in real chaos, but all is well now :-)
I hope I will be able to do A LOT OF swatching this weekend, as the weather frog announced SUNSHINE for the weekend. Can you believe it? Mr. Weathergod finally realized he has forgotten to send some nice spring weather to the place where I live. But sunshine all weekend long and temperatures around 20C are NICE!!! That totally makes up for waiting so darn long...
Unfortunately, I have to take off again on Sunday evening and I will be staying away for another week, although this is planned *grin*
So, I finally got the hang of doing some scheduled posting, so you poor things don't have to wait another week for me to post, hehehe :-)
I will just not be able to respond to your comments, but I guess that's okay, right?
So where was I? Right, I was talking about getting shiny nails for the weekend, yay!
Unfortunately the Orly Foil FX Collection only featured 3 polishes (how cool would have been a lime green or sky blue Foil????). The featured colors are gold, rose gold and silver. So I got only the silver, as the other colors don't work with my skintone (Hello corpse fingers is all I say to that)
You will need at least 2 coats with this polish, as it is packed with a gazillion silver particles and you will need a 2nd layer to even them out, otherwise the polish looks grainy and bumpy. The drying time is *yawn* not the fastest, but hey I guess that's pretty typical for Orly polishes or do you guys thing otherwise?
The color itself is supershiny and really clean silver, no green reflects or anything, just pure, shiny silver. Love that :-)
But, enough talking, where is this shiny darling? Follow me please....

Orly Foil FX Shine, sunlight
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Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

with flash
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artificial light
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Hope you guys liked this :-)

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Aurora's Nails hat gesagt…

I really liked the Orly FX polishes! Great swatches :)