Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

Going Green, yet again - Barry M Emerald Green

Welcome back my dear fiends!

Of course, I had to pick a green polish for today, just couldn't help it *grin*
I am again packing my suitcase and won't be back till Sunday. Maybe I should start playing the lottery and win big, that way I could stay home more lol
A little update regarding the Mood polishes: the moodies and I are just not meant to be. They won't work with my chronic icicle hands. Bummer, but can't help it.
But back to green...
Love the Barry M formula! And love this wonderful, deep, rich emerald green shade. Perfect!

Barry M Emerald Green

Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen


Bilder hochladen

With Flash

Bilder hochladen

I am seriously in Love with those Barry m polishes, I need to get more!
For sunday, I have 4 polishes from Sephora's Spring LE, so stay tuned for that!
Have a great weekend and see you sunday!

3 Kommentare:

Hana hat gesagt…

this green looks so amazing ^^

Cah_nossovicio hat gesagt…

it's really very beautiful! I don't have none Barry M, but i'll buy it soon :)

gildedangel hat gesagt…

That is a gorgeous color!