Dienstag, 31. August 2010

Is it black? Is it blue? In any case it's beautiful! - Barielle Shades Polish in Blackened Bleu

Hello my pretty dears!

How was your weekend? I spent mine on the sofa, since my poor injured leg is still completely out of order. So I am still doing my routine of watching movies, reading and polish swatching hehehe :-)
The weather has gotten really fall-ish, rain that won't stop and dropping temperatures. But lucky me used one teeny tiny blue spot in the middle of the dark clouds to get a few shots with sunlight.
So for today I chose a polish that had its beauty sleep in my Helmer for like, forever...shame on me for not trying this any sooner!
The talk is about Barielle Shades Polish in Blackened Bleu, which is part of the All Laquered Up Fall Collection 2009. All I can say about this gem is gorgeous! The formula is fine, hassle free but for my taste a bit on the thin side. The Base is black, the rest of the polish enriched with a gazillion saphire blue micro glitters, what an amazing combination!
After applying the first coat, I had bald spots all over and it looked weird, after adding the second one I achieved a nice coverage, but I thought, hey, there must be a bit more to this...so there goes the third coat and hey, do we sparkle now or what?

So before I am moving on to the good stuff, I have a serious nail related dilemma...
I am off to a very special date tomorrow and I have no clue which polish to wear! It's armageddon, I swear! We are going to a pretty fancy place and I will wear instead of my little black dress a black satin blouse and black long pants to cover up my Quasimodo Leg. So I can basically do anything, colorwise....

So should I:

1. Go nude, guys like that best anyways
2. Go vamp, anything red will do the trick
3. color is the key, pick something bright and cheerful
4. Go for effects, anything glitter, holographic or matte will draw his attention
5. You guys got any ideas? help!

but now enough babbling, here comes the graphic evidence for Blackened Bleu!

Barielle Shades Blackened Bleu
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

indoors, natural light
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

indoors, artificial light
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

bottle pics
Bilder hochladen

Bilder hochladen

So that's it for today, can't wait for your comments, my lovely readers :-)

3 Kommentare:

Biba hat gesagt…

I'd go with nr.2 - vampy, red or something in this direction ;)

shortwidenails hat gesagt…

it depends on how well this gentleman friend knows you. if he knows you as a nail polish person then go all out.

if it's a blind date or don't know him too well..or you really want to impress him I would do nude or dark purple/ dark dark red. something dark with a hint of color. if you go black he'll be all is it halloween?

that's my opinion =)

shortwidenails hat gesagt…

let us know what you decided!!!